What is the Accreditation Process?

  1. The school administration makes a request in writing to the CCMA office to be accredited, within one year of applying.
  2. A pre-accreditation workshop or verbal communication with the Executive Director will be arranged to confirm readiness.
  3. A verbal or written confirmation that the school meets the requirements is obtained by the CCMA office.
  4. The Request for Accreditation Form is sent out to the school along with the Consent, Acknowledgment, and Release Form and the Accreditation Guidelines Booklet.
  5. The forms are to be returned to the CCMA office for the process to continue.
  6. The Executive Director and the CCMA office assign consultants to the school.  The school is invited to request a consultant from the list.  At least one consultant will have training at the level(s) being accredited and a minimum of two consultants will be assigned to all schools, and more will be added as needed, according to the size or the number of campuses of the school.
  7. The Executive Director and the CCMA office confirm the accreditation team with the school and verify the date of the visit with the school administration. 
  8. The consultants sign a Confidentiality Agreement in order to ensure privacy for the visiting school, before reading any documentation.
  9. The CCMA office sends the following out to the school:
         -  Self-Evaluation Booklets.
         -  List of assigned Consultants’ mail and E-mail addresses, and telephone numbers.
         -  The outcomes and qualities document to present to staff.
         -  Examples of schedules for the day of the Accreditation visit.
         -  The invoice.
  1. The Accreditation Fee for the accreditation process must be received by the CCMA office prior to the accreditation date and the binders or memory sticks being sent. 

The Accreditation fee is calculated as follows:

The Accreditation fee is a one-time payment for each accreditation period of five years.

Base Accreditation Fee                                                  =    $ 400.00

Plus $8.50 x ________ (Number of Full-day students)________ = + $_________

Plus $6.50 x ________ (Number of Half-day students)________ = + $_________

                                                                             Total:         =   $_________

  1. Prior to the visit, the school should contact the consultants to arrange accommodation if necessary.  If there is any travel, hotel accommodation, or meal expenses (during travel), incurred by the visiting team, they are to be paid directly by the school.  Current CCMA reimbursement for travel is 45 cents per kilometer. 
  1. The school teaching staff and administration complete the self-evaluation questionnaires.  The school compiles and copies all required documents as listed in the Accreditation Guidelines, as well as the self-evaluations, and makes a complete binder or digital format for each consultant.
  2. The school sends a copy of the binder to each consultant at least four weeks before the consultation date and confirms to the CCMA office that this has been done.
  3. A copy of the schedule for the day of the visit must be sent to the CCMA office in advance of the visit.
  4. The Accreditation visit takes place on the confirmed date.
  5. After the consultants have conferred, the decision is shared with the administrator.
  6. A draft report is prepared by the Accreditation Team Leader for the Executive Director and the CCMA office within three weeks of the visit, with a recommendation for the school:
  1. to be granted accreditation.
  2. to be granted accreditation at a later date, once the requirements are met.

    This decision must be based on specific reasons which involve demonstrable deviation from Best Practices, demonstrable inadequacy of disclosure of purposes or program, or significant inconsistency between the stated mission of the school, and the programme as observed by consultants. If the requirements are not met with one year then accreditation will not be granted.
  1. The draft report is submitted to the school for accuracy.
  1.  The school will receive the draft within two months of the school visit.
  1. If the school is accredited:
  1. the Executive Director and the Director of Consultations sign the consultants’ report.
  2. the CCMA Board is informed of this Accreditation.
  3. a certificate, signed by the Chair of the Board, is issued to the school.
  4. a response to the report will be issued by the school to CCMA within one year.
  1. If there are requirements for accreditation to be granted at a later date:
  1. the school has one year to remedy the situation. 
  2. The school will submit a report to answer and confirm how the requirements have been met and comment on any of the recommendations.
  3. the Executive Director and at least one team member will make a follow-up visit within that one year period, to determine if the requirements have been fulfilled.
  4. if the school disagrees with the consultants’ decision, the school may appeal within two months to the complaints Committee of the Board.
  1. On the day of visit, the team lead organizes the return of one binder to the CCMA office and ensures that the other binder/s is left at the school.