Observable Montessori Outcomes

Those involved in the self-evaluation process, should observe the following outcomes of Montessori education:

1.  Independence

Children are able to choose their own work, become engaged, construct their knowledge and complete it to their satisfaction.  In all age levels, guidance is given, or children are able to seek help when necessary in this process.  Children in the Toddler programme are provided with opportunities to develop daily life skills which support their emerging independence.

2.  Confidence and Competence

     In Toddler classrooms, children develop confidence and competence by engaging successfully in
     daily life skills.  In Casa and Elementary programmes, the children upon observation, reflection,
     and/or discussion, should be capable of correcting their own work.  They should be able to manage
     the various materials with a clear sense of purpose, leading them to further understanding.

3.  Intrinsic Motivation

      Children are able to continue working for the pure pleasure of doing so.  In Casa and Elementary
      programmes, children routinely demonstrate newly achieved competencies.

4.  Ability to Handle External Authority

 Children should be able to manage the classroom expectations that have been established. 
 Toddlers should respond appropriately to re-direction.  Casa and Elementary children should
 demonstrate a level of discipline with or without the direction and correction of an adult.

5.  Social Awareness 

       Children attain independence, autonomy, and develop social responsibility through participation
       in group activity.  Children in Toddler programmes are provided opportunities to join group
       activities in order to support emergent social skills.  In Casa and Elementary programmes,
       children demonstrate social responsibility and leadership skills, such as empathy, communication,
       initiative, and resiliency.

6.  Academic Preparation

      In Casa and Elementary programmes, academic skills are essential to learning and knowing.  All
      children are acquiring skills appropriate to their age and stage, their interests, their abilities and

7.  Global Awareness 

 The children are acquiring qualities of citizenship and stewardship through an understanding
 and respect for cultural diversity and environmental awareness.

 8.  Respect 

       All children are secure and respected.  In Casa and Elementary programmes, there are
       opportunities to develop and practice qualities of peace and conflict resolution in their
       interactions with others.

9.  Spontaneity and Joy

Children are allowed to be natural, and there are opportunities for spontaneity and
expressions of the joy of learning.

10.  Movement 

Movement is an integral part of the environment for all ages and opportunities for freedom
of gross motor movement and fine motor movement are essential.  In the Toddler communities,
recording their milestones and anecdotal reporting is central to programming.

11.  An Atmosphere that Supports the Development of Language and Self-Expression

         Clear, precise, rich language is an essential component of the classroom.  Children are aware
         of verbal and non-verbal cues.  In Toddler communities, the development and support of
         language and self-expression is central to programming.

12.  Recordkeeping of Children’s Progress 

       The teacher shows an understanding of children’s progress and keeps clear and adequate
       records as a continuous form of assessment.  These records include dated: planning,
       recording children’s activities, and anecdotal comments on each child.  Anecdotal records
       are observational notes recording anything of significance in the social, emotional or cognitive
       development of each child.

13.  Approachability 

        Children approach the teacher with ease and confidence, reflecting a personal connection and a
        sense of security.

14.  Role Modeling

        The teacher reflects the essential qualities of respect, order, enjoyment, and engagement.